Beauty in Tequila

Siempre has always looked at innovative approaches to show consumers the beauty of tequila.

So we put a beautiful spin on our favourite sipping spirit because, as it turns out, tequila can be good for you and your skin!

Studies have linked agavins, the sugar that comes from the agave plant, to everything from weight loss to a lower cholesterol over the years and now it’s even being utilized at the spa. “Our skin soaks up anything we put on it, including this agave plant-based ingredient,” says Leah Crump, an aesthetician and spa director at the Ocean Pearl Spa in San Diego.

When it comes to tequila and the skin, tequila acts as a natural cleansing astringent, which tightens and detoxifies pores says Crump. The alcohol content in the spirit  helps remove excess dirt and oil from the skin, much like the astringents you can buy at your local drug store. And incorporating it into your spa treatment can also help to reduce stress and anxiety Crump adds. So in addition to sipping on a margarita today, try whipping up this scrub for super soft skin.

Siempre Scrub DIY Treatment

¼ cup Raw Sugar
¼ cup Sea Salt
1 oz. Sweet Almond Oil
½ oz. Coconut Oil
1 oz. Siempre Tequila
5 drops Rose Absolute Essential Oil

Mix products together and store in a tight jar in your refrigerator.

Or check out our recent collaboration with Toronto-based natural beauty company Lovefresh. Together we crafted  the perfect hand and body treat that’ll have you reminiscing of those summer margaritas. Our tequila-Lime Soaps and Scrubs. are natural, made by hand in Canada, palm free, cruelty free, vegan, available online and shipped worldwide.