Interesting Times in Mexico

“This story could end up getting very long as it seems every millisecond contained a years worth of experiences so I will try to keep it short”

Siempre Tequila took a recent trip to Mexico and it was packed full of experiences.

The trip started off in Playa Del Carmen where we set up our first point of sales in Mexico. We had been talking with an distributor who works with all of the hotels and decided it was time for the relationship to start. Working in conjunction with the distributor we assembled a sales force which has direct relationships with all of the nightclubs and restaurants in Quintana Roo. After all of the kinks were ironed out we decided it was time to head over to our distillery in Tequila, Jalisco.

On our way to the distillery we spent a stopped for a few days in Guadalajara, the capital of Jalisco which is Mexico’s second largest city. We fell in love with the cities distinct architecture, lively art scent and nightlife. During our stay in the city we met our distributor for Mazatlán which is a Mexican Resort town off of the Pacific Ocean.

Time for Tequila

We drove through the mountains to Tequila, Jalisco to do some work at the distillery, checking on our barrels and production runs. We try to visit the distillery at least twice a year to make sure everything is going well. We spent a night then traveled to Jésus María in Los Altos to visit some of our suppliers and business associates.

This is where the story gets fun. We drove through the rough windy mountain roads (which destroyed our rental vehicle) and endless fields of agave to get to this beautiful town. Jésus María is in pristine condition, everything in its original glory, untouched by time. The town has a strong connection with their past and their traditions are very much still alive.  Everyone in Jesus Maria congregates to the town square where the church is located. There is live music,  and everyone is dressed up in their finest clothing and cowboy hats.