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We are Siempre


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We always see the glass half full

Siempre is the rose that grew from adversity. The dead and alive flowers in the hand-drawn label represent beauty born from struggle.
We remember to celebrate good times, bad ones, and everything
in between - because it’s all part of what makes us who we are.


Risked it all, made tequila

Female founder, Monica Sanita and Co-Founder Alex Lacroix grew Siempre into a successful International brand from $9000 and a credit card.
They put it all on the line to build a brand around Monica’s grandmother’s lifelong agricultural experience and creating agave spirits in Mexico.



We make our favorites, hoping a few people might agree

Siempre works with some of the finest distilleries in Jalisco, Mexico. Each of our tequilas is designed based on the unique characteristics they all possess. This includes terroir, water, equipment, techniques, and the master distillers. 


No detail is too small to obsess over

We don't cut corners and use honest methods to produce our products. From our Siempre Plata to Exclusivo - from start to finish,
attention to detail is the key to our award-winning spirits. We tell people you probably shouldn't cook ribs in the microwave.


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Follow dreams, not influencers®

We blazed our own path by doing our own thing and the drinks we produce represent following your dreams, being true to yourself, and always finding the beauty in things.

Happy sipping, Salud! 


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