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This is Siempre Tequila


Siempre Plata

Crystal clear in appearance. Complex aromas and flavors of spice, herb, pepper, sea salt, citrus with candied, floral notes, caramel, and sweet fruit hints. Exceptionally smooth, naturally sweet, and made for sipping.

Plata is our purest expression, 

made using blue weber agave from both the highlands of Jalisco and the valley of Tequila, bringing together the best of both worlds for a perfectly balanced tasting experience.


Siempre Anejo

Our Añejo is a complex combination of carefully selected still-strength Siempre plata rested in American oak ex-bourbon barrels, ranging from 12 to 36 months in age. The beautiful blend is brought from 100 to 80 proof using volcanic spring water.

You can taste alluring notes of toffee, salted caramel, chocolate, vanilla, and peppercorns followed by a lasting-lasting, warm finish. Enjoy in a snifter with dark chocolate and mixed nuts.


Siempre Reposado

This beautifully aged spirit boasts notes of oak, fruity undertones, honey and vanilla underpinned by cooked agave. There is a smooth harmony on the palate, not unlike what shows in some very fine bourbons.

Our reposado is very special expression, made using brand new American oak barrels, extra-anejo tequila
and a hint of natural aguamiel, you'll be sure to enjoy. 

Made to be sipped slowly,
best enjoyed however you like.

From a small Mexican town,
Enjoyed around the world.


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